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Frequently asked questions with Short answer

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How can I minimize my company's tax obligations?
  • There is no magic answer to reducing the taxes to nil but being proactive always get you well prepared. Simply, maximize all the deductions available as well as defer the tax as much as you can to the future.
  • Plan ahead and discuss with your accountants and lawyers and assess the situation carefully.
When my tax is due?

Depends what taxes that you are referring to:

For individuals:

  • March 31 – NR4 filing deadline
  • March 31 – Family Trust filing deadline
  • April 30 – Personal Income Tax Return (interest charges commence for self-employed)
  • June 15 – Personal Income Tax Return deadline for self-employed (penalty deadline only)

For corporations:

  • Interest charges commence 2 months post year-end for corporation’s not eligible for Small Business Deduction
  • Interest charges commence 3 months post year-end for CCPC’s
  • Corporate Tax return due 6 months post year end
  • Instalments due at end of each month


  • If an annual GST filer return is due 3 months post year-end
  • If monthly/quarterly GST filer its due 1 month after month/quarter
How can I take my business to another level?

1. Leverage technology Well, this becomes a trend that no one else likes to be left behind. 

2. keep track of the time used for business related activities. Focus, focus and focus on the chargeable hours.You can’t manage something that cannot be measured.

3. Utilize the network, build solid relationship with your accountant, lawyers or advisors, or even your clients.

4. Work smart You still need a life with families and friends while working hard. Build up the strength that you posses.

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